Kings Canyon – A Photo Essay.

A few months ago I spent a week travelling around Central Australia. While I’ve already posted about the world famous big-bloody-rock that is Uluru and the incredible West McDonnell Ranges – it is Kings Canyon that, if you were to put a gun to my head, I would tell you was my favourite part of Central Australia. I don’t know how to put it into words exactly, so I decided to put it into pictures instead.

Heartbreak (Heart attack) Hill.

Taking a rest or just posing? Probably both.

It’s not a bad view from the edge of Kings Canyon, is it? Wait till you see the other side.

After 3 hours of walking in 40C heat I could have done with a swim in this waterhole. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. This time…

Incredible sandstone domes.

Amazing, eh? The views not too bad either, is it?

I told you that it’s spectacular, didn’t I? Not just for the walk and outstanding views but also for those of you who didn’t know, I’m a massive Geology geek. And believe me, the geology here was outstanding. But that’s a story for another day.

Have you been? Did you do the Full rim walk? And most importantly, did you swim in the waterhole? If you did – you lucky b*stards!


  1. Yeah, the views are great but I think the story of why you were attracted to it so much is in the geology?

    1. Anthony Braybrooke · · Reply

      I’d probably agree with that! Being able to see ripple marks and cross-bedding caused by an inland sea that was present over 400 million years ago is outstanding. I could have walked around there again and again and still not been bored. It’s a beautiful place, both aesthetically and geologically.

      1. Fascinating! You know, I’m one of those Aussies who’s not yet seen the centre … always thought I’d see it after i’d come back from seeing the rest of the world … well, that’s about to happen :)

  2. [...] do, Alice Springs as a base. I stayed there before venturing out the 300 miles to Uluru, Kings Canyon and Kata-Tjuta, as well as leaving for my West MacDonnell Ranges tour from there too. Luckily, this [...]

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