Sea kayaking and seals – Pepin Island, Nelson.

Before starting, let me just apologise for my haircut. In the months leading up to hitting the road, I was budgeting like a mothertfecker. One way I saved money, was getting my friend to cut my hair. The result was odious. As I write this now, it has returned to a reasonably scruffy, scarecrow length.

I had planned to do some sea kayaking in the Nelson/Abel Tasman area, but thankfully time and money constraints led me to book a tour with Cable Bay Kayaks. While most people in this area opt for a kayak trip around the Abel Tasman National Park, I’d strongly recommend something a little less mainstream and only twenty minutes outside of Nelson. This Kayaking company is run by Nick (the guide) and his wife Jenny (who will transfer you to and from Nelson for free) and they’re both extremely nice and knowledgeable. It was so interesting to hear Nick’s knowledge of the area, the wildlife and the water. Anyway, here are some pictures.

Does this life jacket look a little small?

Beautiful rugged volcanic coastline.

The Seals didn’t shy away from the Kayaks, nor the camera.

Kayaking through some caves.


It’s not everyday that it’s above 25C and you have a beach to yourself.

Kayaking under some incredible waterfalls.

And through some more sea caves.

And that brought us to about half-way through the trip.

Unfortunately (for picture taking purposes – but fortunately for the fact that it made kayaking even more fun) a sea breeze had blown in and knocked up a pretty big swell so I didn’t get any photos on the return trip. It was a brilliant value trip, spending almost 7 hours on the water. As I mentioned, most people kayak in the National Park and that was where I was going hiking the day after. Stay tuned for a blog about that.


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  1. This is so awesome! It makes me want to dive into the photo.

    1. Anthony Braybrooke · · Reply

      Haha, cheers! x

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