Sunrise and Sunset over Uluru!



Unfortauntly the sun was setting the side of Uluru upon which I was standing, but I still think these shots look pretty cool.

Instead it set over Kata-Tjuta…

Can’t really complain. Can I?


This time the sun actually set behind the beautiful rock. (Which I’m thankful for considering it was about 5am).

Pretty amazing, eh? If only I had a better camera…

(Note: I’ve since been back to Uluru. It was overcast and there was NO sunrise or sunset or no visible colour change of the Rock. Definitely need to choose the right time to go).

4 Comments on “Sunrise and Sunset over Uluru!

  1. Just great pics! It’s funny with Uluru, I generally think of its shape as being the profile you see, i.e. in your picture, looking at it from left to right. Loved seeing the aerial shot you posted previously, showing its actual configuration. Also love your pics where you feature, e.g. gazing ahead towards the rock. Keep up the travels!

    • Cheers mate, I’m glad that you liked them! Yeah I know, I agree. When I went I thought it was going to look as smooth and ‘perfect’ as in most of the pictures, but it’s really not. It’s continuous, but it’s real bumpy and has bits jutting out and caving in all over the place. Cheers man, just planning my next adventures now.

    • It wasn’t too bad. Get through about a litre of water an hour though! It’s real dry, much nicer than a 30C day in the UK (Not that I remember the last of them).

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