Sri Mariamman Temple (Singapores oldest Hindu temple).

It’s currently 11pm and I think it’s about time that I wrote a blog to explain all the happening’s of Singapore. Although I was only there for a short amount of time (About 48 hours) I managed to squeeze a huge amount of stuff in. I can’t really explain everything, so I thought I’d just give you the highlights. I know you’d all prefer to look at badly-take pictures rather than read my writing too. So be it.

Firstly, the Botanical Gardens. These gardens are world famous and absolutely beautiful. They’re huge too  and include a rain forest, an orchard garden, a celebrity garden and loads of other stuff:

Botanic Gardens.

Thought I’d escape British politics over here… Margaret Thatchers Orchid.

After spending a couple of hours wandering round the beautiful botanical gardens (All the pictures will be uploaded to facebook eventually), the next place to visit was Chinatown. Something like 75% of those who live in Singapore are of Chinese origin, so this was bound to be an experience. It very much was.

Sri Mariamman Temple (Singapores oldest Hindu temple).

The Chinese Heritage Museum. (Showing a typical kitchen many years ago. Notice the resemblance to 299 Welford Road).

Buddha tooth relic temple was magnificent inside. So much gold everywhere. Managed to watch a Buddhist ceremony/worship session too.

Marina Bay Sands – Probably one of the coolest buildings in the world.

Now where are we. I’m actually losing track. I warned you I’d done a lot of stuff. After this it was a train journey to the Singapore Art Museum which turned out to be closed. Therefore it was a walk back to the river for a night cruise.

I’m pretty sure you can guess this day was absolutely knackering. More so since it started at 6am the day after a 14 hour flight. It was back to the hostel, situated in the red light district (where else?) for a short sleep. Then it all began again. The flight to Adelaide was at 10.20pm so we had to be at the airport a few hours before. Still managed to go to the Singapore Art Museum and then get another open-top bus to Little India. Since it’s getting late, here’s my favorite photo from the museum. It’s suppose to show how all these famous people share some common something, blah blah… It looks cool, alright?

Finally, it only seems right that I should conclude this blog with a picture of the hostel that let us grace it with our presence. It might not look much from the outside but for $17SD (8.50) a night, what can you expect?

You see that sex shop? To the left of that there’s a doorway with a staircase… Up about 3 flights of stairs and you reach the sweat-box. I mean room.

Much love.

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